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LATEST - In Brief
Dispute on Ceahlau Mountain
In today's newspaper you can read the story of the first Romanian mountain restituted to the rightful owners. The Sturdza princes are the rightful owners of the Ceahlau Mountains. It was the Land Commission in the district of Neamt who decided it. The Hangu property the Sturdza family got back stretches all along Valea Muntelui and includes the borders of five localities: Ceahlau, Hangu, Farcasa, Poiana Teiului and Grinties. The Territorial Forestry Inspection and the Forest Department in Neamt, together with the Administration of State Properties, are going to obstruct the restitution of forests to be given back to the Moldavian ruler's successors. The Commission's decision has been opposed even by some members of this historical family. The heirs want to invest substantial funds in tourism and local forestry. They want to build three wood factories and give some lands to the peasants living in the nine villages situated on their land. (...) (L.K.)
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