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Love from Democrats, hatred from Liberals
-- Stolojan might get sanctioned
Two days ago Ludovic Orban, leader of Bucharest Liberals, suggested during a TV show that Theodor Stolojan, former president of the PNL (National Liberal Party), could be sanctioned for his latest statements by the Liberal leaders. Orban claimed: "It is very severe that he is breaking the status of the PNL and getting the presidential institution involved in a war and in an action affecting governmental stability and Alliance parties." Orban added that sanction could even come from the Liberals in Bucharest.
On the other hand, Orban indirectly accused Stolojan of playing by president Traian Basescu's rules. He commented: "Mr. Stolojan and Mr. Basescu fall ill one after the other, but they regret things together. My opinion is that at times when their careers are about the end they risk compromising many of their achievements. One cannot (...) turn into a plotter out of the blue and set up attacks or pursue the replacing of a legitimate team."(...)
Hasotti: "Stolojan is doing the party much harm"
Liberal senator Puiu Hasotti also opined that Theodor Stolojan was doing the party much harm, along with the most famous Liberal MPs who supported him. (...)
Hasotti commented: "Mr. Stolojan has done the PNL much good. I am sorry to see that he has now started doing much harm. It is not because his intentions are ill, but maybe because he gets bad advice or he is asked to do it."
Boc on "the Alliance's important political resource"
A Democrat was the only one to stand by Stolojan yesterday. Emil Boc, leader of the PD (the Democrat Party), congratulated the presidency adviser during TV show, saying Stolojan was "the Alliance's important political resource." Boc opined: "He is an important political resource and I think those who are denying him now are wrong." He mentioned that as far as the idea to replace PM Tariceanu with Theodor Stolojan was concerned, it was only the PNL who might decide on it. (C. EPURAN)
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