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  Nr. 3625 de miercuri, 17 mai 2006 
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Slaughter right when Romania joins EU
Romanian agriculture minister Gheorghe Flutur returned from Berlin earlier than scheduled in order to dismiss the officials of veterinary doctors in Romania. The minister announced he would ask the PM, the only one entitled to make a decision, to dismiss the coordinator of Romanian vets and his executive because of poor approach to the situation in Codlea. The minister tried to calm down a bit the Romanians concerned about the chicken meat on the market, although he didn't have many arguments. Still he wanted to get even with the Social-Democrat deputy accusing him of business connection with the owner of Drakom farm, the one that has spread bird flu all over the country. In the meantime both the Police and the Prosecutor's Office have opened investigations to reach the guilty. Seantences may even reach 15 years of prison. (...)
Meat thrown away
Bird flu difficulties emerging in the poultry farms in Codelea have made sanitary veterinary authorities search all poultry farms in Romania. They closed down two out of four such farms in Covasna, because they lacked biosecurity equipment. They did the same with one farm in Arad.
On the other hand, authorities have also started to search all Romanian markets for the poultry meat produced in Codlea. They even got to the canteen of the coal miners in Valea Jiului and also confiscated the meat to be served to children in one kindergarten in Buzau. The Romanian agriculture minister says authorities have confiscated 220 tons of chicken meat from the company working on the place of the ex Avicola Codlea Company. 24 of these tons came from Drakom. Local authorities have found out that the company is in business connections with about 100 companies.
The sale of poultry to Romanian citizens is now banned all over the country. Authorities are to check on the activities of poultry meat producers in order to prevent bird flu. (...)
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