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Romanian officials comment on monitoring report
-- Tariceanu: "The best evaluation"
Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu opined yesterday that the European Commission's latest monitoring report was "the best evaluation Romania ever had" from this institution. The PM said this was highly significant as, because of the delays in 2005, Romania had been under the very strict and rigorous monitoring of EU partners."
The PM commented: "I believe the Commission's report is a very fair and objective evaluation, which emphasizes all that Romania has achieved since the October report. It has also outlined the achievements to be made by the end of the year." Tariceanu claimed that one of the main messages expressed yesterday was that Romania's accession in January 1, 2007 was "fully achievable". The PM also mentioned he would be glad if the report made a clearer difference between Romania and Bulgaria." (...) (C.E.)
Mircea Geoana, president of PSD: "Disappointed and worried"
Mircea Geoana, president of the PSD (Social-Democrat Party), said yesterday that he was disappointed with and worried about the conclusions of the European Commission's report. He asked PM Tariceanu to come to the Parliament with thorough analysis of achievements and failures. Geoana mentioned he had been expecting the report to include clear mention on the date of Romania's accession. The PSD president proposed that the government should draw a plan in order to manage in the 5 months to come.
He opined that the delay was because of the evolution of things in Europe on the one hand and because of the lack of the slightest dialogue between the officials in power and the opposition on the other. Geoana reminded the PSD would come up with parliamentary motion after June. Still he outlined his party was willing to start collaboration with the government and the Parliament so that Romania would join the EU. (R.A.)
Vasile Puscas, ex negotiator-in-chief with the EU: Decrease of credibility
Vasile Puscas claimed yesterday that the European Commission's monitoring report provided us with reasons for concern. The Social-Democrat deputy even explained that Romania might not join the EU in January 1, 2007: "I am sad, disappointed and very worried. The government has been telling us everything is all right and requirements are met. But we have now seem there still are many things to be done just a few months before the accession." Puscas added that one of the main conclusions in the report was the decrease of the country's credibility. He added: In autumn they might decide to postpone accession for one year, which would be absurd, because all the things that must be done could have been done so far." (C.E.)
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