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Basescu can see the same flags as in last October
Romanian president Traian Basescu is warning all state institutions, ministries and governmental agencies in particular, about the recommendations in the monitoring report and first of all about fields described as "serious concern": three agriculture issues and one regarding taxation.
According to constitutional prerogatives, the President of Romania will continue to demand state institutions to intensify reforms in all fields, says the Romanian Presidency.
The head of state believes this report to be "a real and credible analysis of our country's achievements." Basescu is warning Romanian state institutions that in the October report there were mentioned several yellow flags, asking for more efforts. Still most of these flags are mentioned in the recent report too, pointing to insufficient action. Basescu opines state institutions need to be more demanding and determined. The President describes the report as a guidebook for both governmental and presidential action, for all state institutions and for every Romanian citizen.
In the press release the head of state says that the Commission's evaluation includes the arguments necessary to Romania's accession in January 1, 2007, without the activation of the safeguard clause. The president emphasized it is the Executive's duty to take considerable efforts so that the accession in January 1, 2007 would be accomplished without getting any restriction on the use of funds set for Romania. (Anca Hriban)
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