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Panait's gravediggers
The representatives of the system protecting the interests of the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) were the ones who pushed the prosecutor investigating Lele to commit suicide. Ex general attorney Joita Tanase, prosecutor-in-chief Ilie Piciorus and prosecutor Ovidius Paun are top of the list. It was mainly about the political interest of ex PM Adrian Nastase. The tool they used was Viorel Stiube, a criminal formerly in connection to present Romanian interior minister Vasile Blaga. Joita Tanase used the SRI (Romanian Secret Service) and invoked national security in order to sack prosecutor Lele. The latter had become undesirable because of denouncing Nastase's involvement in freeing Tarau. Cristian Panait got order to sack Lele. But the young prosecutor learnt everything was a plot. At that point the entire political police equipment started to work. They made up a case on Lele. Panait had a breakdown and committed suicide. The prosecutor in Oradea who had been brave enough to face the system was driven away from magistracy. When fleeing to South America, Tarau had warned him: "You will pay for everything!"
Virgil Ardelean, known as the Fox, head of UMO962, took advantage of all these moves. Through Viorel Stiube, the Fox grabbed the documents proving the present interior minister's connections to famous criminals. Different rulers followed, but Ardelean is still in his official seat. In today's newspaper you can read the confidential documents unveiling those who pushed Cristian Panait to suicide. (...)
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