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Iliescu gets Scottish shower from Geoana
We can't treat Ion Iliescu as a common party member. The fact that he is standing by the PSD (the Social-Democrat Party) doesn't mean he heads the Social-Democrats. This is what the PSD president Mircea Geoana said yesterday while in Cluj. He explained that the defeat Ion Iliescu had suffered in the congress held last April meant neither isolation nor denial of what Iliescu meant to the party, for his experience in politics was very complex.
Rompres quotes Geoana: "The fact that he is with us and helps us with advice, given his experience, does no harm. He is with us, but he doesn't head us. We are ruled by the team elected in congress: Ilie Sarbu, Eugenia Godjea, Ioan Rus, Titus Corlatean. (...)
The PSD senator Vasile Dancu mentioned that local members attending the meeting in Cluj wanted to outline their support for president Geoana's wish to modernize the PSD and provide it with more "strength and energy". (...) (D.I.)
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