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Liberals insist for condemnation of Communist crimes
Romanian Liberals support public initiative asking Romanian authorities to denounce and condemn communism. Yesterday the Liberals' Permanent Delegation elaborated political declaration, mentioning that the official condemnation of communism had to become fact as soon as possible so that "the expectations of the Romanian people" would be met.
In the conference held after the meeting Liberals' president Calin Popescu Tariceanu and vice president Puiu Hasotti replied to the Romanian head of state, pleading that no scientific report was needed for condemning communist crimes. Hasotti announced that on Monday's Senate session he would come up with a long list of works proving communism was to be condemned.
Liberals criticize amendment against Basescu
Hasotti insisted yesterday that his party had nothing to do with the amendment on ship commanders in the law project on lustration. He highlighted "Liberal MPs voted against the amendment, along with the Democrat senator there".
PM Tariceanu commented: "It seems absurd to me that such a point should be included in a law. The president of Romania is obviously at stake and I am against such attitude. I am glad that MPs from the Alliance were firm."
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