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  Nr. 3583 de sambata, 25 martie 2006 
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Geoana & co want to sack Nastase's group
Some of the ex PM's allies have already been kicked out of the game and the remaining are waiting for their turn. The Social-Democrat inquisition is actually after all the 9 supporters of Nastase's new program. Mugur Sarbu was sacked yesterday and the same was to happen to deputy Ioan Timis and Rovana Plumb. Zamfir Dumitrescu and Eugen Bejinariu decided to resign. (...)
Ion Iliescu put an end to it, telling Nastase he disagreed to the sacking of allies. He said he would make statement on TV to calm spirits down. Iliescu also phoned Geona and Mitrea to tell them to stop it.
PSD claims there is no Nastase wing
PSD spokesman Cristian Diaconescu explained yesterday: "In PSD there are no black lists, political revenge or a Nastase wing." He said the expelling of Mugurel Sarbu and the solicitation to dismiss Rovana Plumb had nothing to do with the fact that the latter were Nastase's allies.
On the other hand, Diaconescu emphasized that opinions for or against the newly announced program were no good. Still he mentioned he didn't mean Nastase's program. (...) He claimed that the program in 2005 was the only one acknowledged in PSD.
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