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Program for suicide
Adrian Nastase and 9 MPs (Rovana Plumb, Monalisa Galateanu, Ioan Timis, Mugurel Sarbu, Ovidiu Branzan, Marin Diaconescu, Petre Daea, Eugen Bejinariu and Zamfir Dumitrescu) elaborated a social-democratic program called: "New chances for Romania". The last two members mentioned above resigned from PSD (the Social-Democrat Party) yesterday. The very same time, another representative of the group for initiative, Mugurel Sarbu, was expelled from PSD. As yesterday preparations were being made to expel deputy Ioan Timis and Rovana Plumb, also authors of the project, Nastase's signature on this new document looks like suicide. Present PSD leaders claim it is not about political revenge. Still Ion Iliescu has asked Mircea Geoana to stop expelling party members.
The 9-page document consists in an analysis of the present state of things in Romania and of the present government's activity. It also looks into the latest evolution within PSD and pleads for extraordinary congress.
Authors opine: "PSD is caught in between nostalgia for the past and ambition for an absent present, which is why PSD is spoiling its own future and keeps on socializing in restaurants for the interests of some of its leaders.
Adrian Nastase invokes the games of power played in PSD and revenge between party leaders: "The congress held last spring was supposed to heal PSD after loss of power. (...) But the congress and the months following it unfortunately proved that instead of solidarity there emerged suspicion, instead of unity there came up groups in opposition and instead of political battle there followed witch-hunting."
The program also claims that PSD has so far been insignificant as political opposition and it has not protected its own electorate, as "local officials and mayors have been too busy changing colors on symbols and starting riots heading nowhere." (...)
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