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Monitoring to continue after accession
Romanian president Traian Basescu had a meeting yesterday with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. It was the second day of the Council of Europe's spring session in Brussels. The two officials talked about the EU enlargement and Romania's preparations to be admitted in the EU starting from January 1, 2007. They also took up the ratification of the treaties of accession with Romania and Bulgaria by German MPs. Basescu pleaded for the need to reach decision on accession in May, based on the European Commission's report due in May too.
According to president Basescu, the decision will allow Romania to prepare for handling EU funds in the six months left till accession. Angela Merkel mentioned Germany was interested in Romania's progress. She outlined the report due in May was highly important for treaty ratification.
France and Germany are waiting for the report due in May
The president announced that both France and Germany were waiting for the European Commission's report before ratifying the treaty of accession with Romania. Both the Romanian president and PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu had a short meeting with French president Jacques Chirac yesterday in Brussels too. The PM announced afterwards that the latter official had promised to support Romania for accession.
Traian Basescu mentioned he was to pay a visit to France at the end of May in order to persuade French official to ratify the treaty of accession. He also announced that the EU could continue to monitor Romania in certain fields even after accession and mentioned Romanian authorities didn't mind it at all. PM Tariceanu wanted to do away with all confusion and mentioned no official decision had been reached, although there were talks in the European Commission.
Reunion after the storm
In the second day of his visit to Brussels president Basescu described the spring session as the reunion after the storm, as in the last summit held in December 2005 there had been hot disputes on the EU budget. (...)
The Romanian official mentioned that EU leaders had decided that by next year Europe should be able to come up with a plan of action to guarantee energy security. The Romanian PM opined: "To refuse nuclear energy as energy source for the EU is rather a whim. Even ecologists should realize that due to the new technologies available this source of energy is not to be avoided in the future. (...) "
Anca HRIBAN, Brussels
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