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  Nr. 3561 de marti, 28 februarie 2006 
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Deputies passed ordinance on DNA
-- DNA will no longer administer funds all alone
Romanian deputies passed ordinance on the making of DNA (the National Anti-Corruption Department) yesterday. It was the second time the document was under debate, because president Traian Basescu had sent it back for revision. The only change MPs operated in agreement with the Romanian president is that DAN would no longer administrate the budget all alone. The DNA budget is to be handled by the Prosecutor's Office, as DNA is a department in the latter institution. (...)
But in the document modified yesterday there is settled the same means to name the head of DNA: the minister of Justice is to make a proposal for it. All the MPs who had the floor yesterday promised support for the ordinance. Still the Social Democrats' representative reminded his party intended to come up with another law project on means to have the Superior Council of Magistrates name the head of DNA. (...) (A.M.)
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