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  Nr. 3561 de marti, 28 februarie 2006 
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Becali wants to rule Romanian Christian Democrats
Rich landowner Gigi Becali wants PD (the Democrat Party), PPCD (the Popular Christian-Democrat Party) and PNG (the New Generation Party) to establish the Christian Democrat group in Romania in his terms. He wants to rule this group. He boasted: "If I settle this trick with Basescu the way I please, we will make this group! I talk to Basescu who has got the power over PD, I don't talk to Emil Boc. In PD nobody moves without Basescu's knowledge. Can Boc ever be my boss? I'd better hang myself!"
Becali can already seem himself as president of PPCD: "I am the president 90%. This is what the Romanian people wants. People want me to rule this historical party. What can others do, since people want me there?" Becali said he had talked to Christian Democrat Victor Ciorbea about it, but admitted the conclusions were unclear. For the sake of the Christian Democrats, the owner of Steaua is ready to buy the political prison house in Ramnicu Sarat and turn it into a Communist Gulag museum.
In today's newspaper you can read the interview with Becali telling about his intentions to revive Christian democracy in Romania. (...) (R.G.)
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