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  Nr. 3561 de marti, 28 februarie 2006 
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Boycott by Geoana
Mircea Geoana did all his best to cancel the debate on the revival of the left in Romania arranged by Petre Roman. The reason is that Ion Iliescu and several Social-Democrat allies of his were to attend the event. Yesterday Mircea Geoana, president of PSD (the Social-Democrat Party), was so irritated at the event that at first he tired to prevent Iliescu's attendance. As the plan failed, Geoana phoned the leader of the Democratic Force to persuade him into postponing the debate for one week. Officially, he claimed that Social-Democrat leaders were longing to attend and this was why the debate should be more thoroughly arranged. But it was actually about Iliescu's attendance close to Petre Roman that would have destroyed Geoana's view on the unity of PSD at times when top members kept on paying visits to the National Anti-Corruption Department for questioning. And a debate on a Social Democrat group with the Social-Democrats absent would confused their electors and brought more difficulty to the party. (...) (R.A.)
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