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  Nr. 3561 de marti, 28 februarie 2006 
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Mistresses' ascent
Yesterday PNL (the National Liberal Party) and PD (the Democrat Party) decided political divorce. The Democrats announced popular-oriented parliamentary and non-parliamentary parties about their willingness to have talks with view to short collaboration till next January. In other words, PD reached official decision to seek political mistresses willing to give a hand to the making of a large center-right family. The action of Boc's party is rather risky for at least two reasons. First PD gives up something certain in exchange to something uncertain. The party quits a mechanism working with difficulty for the sake of a random project. Secondly, popular wisdom goes that you can't turn a cock into a hen and a mistress into a housewife. It is therefore hard to believe that political mistresses to have intercourse with the Democrats won't trouble Boc's project even more.
It is to be expected the Liberals too will look for partners. In such case the Alliance will resemble a 4-member marriage. The Liberal-Democrat Alliance will soon be just an illusion. On the other hand, Liberals' life with the Conservatives and from time to time with UDMR (the Democrat Union of Hungarians in Romania) is rather good, which turns the Alliance into group marriage.
In fact, this political divorce is not only because of the doctrine. The real reason is the two partners' wish to seize as much power as possible. The Democrats want the secret services to be directed from Cotroceni Palace, whereas the Liberals would like them to obey PM Tariceanu. The Liberals are reproaching the Democrats for not participating in governmental activities. Elena Udrea, who has recently joined PD, is one more reason for discord. President Basescu had a meeting with the blond-haired Democrat on Sunday evening, before the meeting with the Democrat delegation. But of course this political divorce is not because of her, as for the time being she is loyal to the Cotroceni doctrine.
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