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  Nr. 3561 de marti, 28 februarie 2006 
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LATEST - In Brief
Basescu wants "negotiated solution for autonomy" in Kosovo
Romanian president Traian Basescu and Macedonian president Branko Crvenkovski met at Cotroceni Palace yesterday to talk about regional affairs. The Romanian official pleaded for a European solution to provide Kosovo with autonomy. At the end of the meeting Basescu mentioned that a solution to Kosovo and the evolution of the ex-Yugoslavian in general were regional priorities. He mentioned the evolution of Mecedonia and of the Western Balkan states were priority to Romania because they were guarantees of the region's stability. As for the "hottest problem at this moment", that is the future status of Kosovo, Basescu said he told Crvenkovski that Romania wanted state borders to remain unchanged and there should follow "negotiated solution for autonomy" in Kosovo, in keeping with EU norms on autonomy. (...)
On the other hand, the president of Romania informed the Mecedonian official that Romania would continue the nuclear program as solution to diminish import of energy resources. The two officials also talked about transborder criminality. President Basescu opined that Mecedonian-Romanian collaboration was efficient and said it was to improve.
Head of state in difficulty
Traian Basescu thanked the Macedonian president for his attitude at the Romanian minority in Macedonia and expressed Bucharest authorities' willingness to provide finance for Romanian language education in Macedonia. Basescu thanked the Macedonian president, government and people for acknowledging the Romanian minority as such in the Constitution of Macedonia. Still he found it difficult to answer a question about economic free areas. Maybe because of the translation or because of the very question he didn't manage to make it out. (...) (Mediafax)
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