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  Nr. 3561 de marti, 28 februarie 2006 
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ONPCSB employees and ZIUA point to the same abuses
In an article published almost two weeks ago ZIUA reported on malfunction and illegal deeds committed in ONPCSB (the National Office to Prevent and Fight Money Laundry). Our report was grounded on a letter written by 24 employees of this Office, pointing to abuses committed there. At that time ZIUA reported on the main ideas in this letter without unveiling the authors' names.
ZIUA has lately published several reports on the police-like manner of checking on the bank accounts and transactions of thousand Romanians. Many such points can be found in the letter written by the 24 employees. This is the reason why we have decided to publish it today and unveil the authors, who have never wished to remain secret. The letter shows you that the very employees of ONPCSB, department heads, operators and other members, are enraged against means of investigations.
Our decision is aimed at warning about the real state of things in this Office and at proving that our reports were not mere words. They are confirmed by the employees of this very Office. We also hope Romanian president Traian Basescu will read this letter. He described ZIUA warnings on police-like state habits as aberration. We hope that after reading this letter the president will demand inquiry to show whether the information disclosed is true or false.
George TARATA 
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