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  Nr. 3561 de marti, 28 februarie 2006 
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Prosecutor's Office has got new case on Adrian Nastase in store
The Prosecutors Office sent one more request to Deputies' Permanent Bureau. The document demands the latter institution for copies of documents needed for criminal case 146/P/2006. Although the copies required are related to talks on the Zambaccian case, the record number differs from the one in which the president of the Chamber of Deputies is charged.
The official request from the Prosecutors' Office asks for the certified copies of 6 documents of the Chamber of Deputies, among which a copy of the latter institution's regulation, which is a public document.
It is most likely that this case should be related to the criminal denunciation against Adrian Nastase by the Liberal parliamentary group. After Nastase's two attempts to block the entry of official request to search his properties in usual procedures, Romanian Liberals decided to appeal to the Prosecuor's Office about "abuse at work committed by the president of the Chamber of Deputies." The denunciation was made on February 16, after the Permanent Bureau had turned down the Justice minister's solicitation. (...)
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