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  Nr. 3561 de marti, 28 februarie 2006 
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Who will win? Basescu or the Liberals?
Motto: No criminal blackmail will ever bring me to silence.
The hatchet of war has been unburied once with the Liberals' announcement about intention to promote a change of the Constitution that would cut on presidential attributions substantially and turn Basescu from a "president player" into a "props president". The head of state has promptly reacted. It is time we asked ourselves a question: Who will win? In case a war has been waged and this isn't just drumbeat to intimidate the opposite side, then it is very interesting to see what equipment each side has got.
PNL (the National Liberal Party) is obviously feeling the president is a threat, just as the disciplined Democrat Party is indirectly a menace. The latter party has been attacking the Liberals and their moves have been in synchrony with the president's. Criminal strain is produced anytime the Liberals' policy prevents the president's projects. Rusanu's case is illustrative of it. When this top Liberal was absent from the Permanent Bureau meeting and Nastase was thus served a victory on the tray, they took out criminal weapons to fight him. Out of the blue they produced from the props an old record dating a few years back and they announced the opening of criminal investigations against this politician. It is to be briefly mentioned that more than 20 criminal cases are being elaborated right now. Except for one single person, they all are against MPs from parties other than PD (the Democrat Party). And both the secret services and prosecutors are working for president Traian Basescu. They do it when ordered or out of obedience, as they are convinced the president has got all power and covers their back, even when they are wrong. This is actually the reason why Basescu misses no meeting on conclusions about the activity of the Police or the Prosecutor's Office. I don't really understand why minister Macovei and Tariceanu, top Executive members, were present there. Maybe their attendance shows that the Prosecutor's Office is not a body of magistrates. And prosecutors are not magistrates. But the law makes their status ambiguous. They are both lawyers of the state, that is the rulers' instruments, and they can't ask for independence, and magistrates, since they are in the Superior Council of Magistrates. This is the trap in which the Prosecutor's Office representatives got caught a few days ago, when taking the unprecedented decision to recuse judges. They were thus acknowledged as lawyers of the state, but not as magistrates. Things are all right that far. But how come the president of state, a member of the Executive, attended meeting on conclusion of Romanian Justice's activity, since Justice is the third power in state and it is independent of the other two, Parliament and Executive? Suppose Basescu went there as guarantor of the Constitution, as president of Romania who is also a mediator. His attendance is motivated, let's say. But it is really unclear why Executive members attended such meetings. Neither PM Tariceanu nor Monica Macovei was entitled to attend. Why did they do it? To hear magistrates' report? To fondle or scold them? This was the Executive's interference in judges' affairs. If such a move had some motivation, we should try symmetrical visualisation. That is the president of CSM (the Superior Council of Magistrates) should attend and even chair government meetings and even meetings of MPs. This is just inconceivable. Even if they aren't on the same side, Tariceanu and Macovei are obviously running against president Basescu in an attempt to get power over Justice, if not to obey it.
On the other hand, there is Basescu insisting prosecutors have done their job and rebuking Justice, whom he describes as corrupted and inefficient. He is thus playing the class master evaluating students' behaviour and threatening to call judges to undergo new examination. But the criminal campaign so skilfully directed from the political perspective involves the other two powers, the Executive and the Parliament, too. I can't pretend I haven't noticed that in his effort to combat an important press initiative by ZIUA the president of Romania has claimed the Office to Prevent and Fight Money Laundry is clean. This is despite severe malfunction and regulation breaking, as you can read in today's newspaper. And mind you, this Office doesn't obey CSAT (the Supreme Council for National Security), but the government.
Basescu is an excellent puppeteer of the secret services, the Prosecutor's Office and other repressive institutions such as the Interior Ministry, as well as a significant part of public opinion. But we mustn't disregard his political combinations with PRM ("Great Romania" Party), PNG (the New Generation Party), some Social-Democrat and Liberal leaders, not to mention PD. Basescu stands all chances to defeat the Liberals and bring a new political mechanism in.
Sorin Rosca Stanescu 
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