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Foreign Ministry takes diplomatic action
The US Ambassador in Bucharest has been summoned to the Foreign Ministry office today on the marine shooter Van Goethem trail, says press release from the ministry. Minister Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu has expressed Romanian authorities' deep concern about the verdict. The US Ambassador has also been informed about Romanian authorities' efforts to find means to request US authorities to reanalyze the context leading to decision reached by the military court in Quantico. The Romanian Foreign Ministry will continue to use the Romanian Embassy in Washington and the open dialogue with the US Embassy in Bucharest, as well as collaboration with Romanian institutions entitled to it, in order to get explanations on the contents of the decision reached by the US military court and to find solution to have Teo Peter's family start civil lawsuit. If they reach means to have the latter family start juridical action, the Foreign Ministry will provide full assistance. (D.E.)
Basescu thinks the decision is "unacceptable"
Romanian President Traian Basescu says the US court's decision is unacceptable. He says 22 million Romanians saw what happened to Teo Peter, but they were not considered "true evidence" for US courts. Basescu announces he will tell US authorities about what every Romanian felt. Asked about intention to start action about the decision on VanGoethem, president Basescu answers it has already started. Mediafax cites Basescu: "It seems to me that, apart from a decision not in keeping with what happened in Romania, we can interpret it as disdain and I will not tolerate it."
Botos says he is stunned
Romanian general attorney Ilie Botos doesn't comment on the US court's decision, but says he is stunned "both as a jurist and as a human being." He mentions: "We proceeded to transfer of procedures and sent all documentation." As for defense lawyers claiming Teo Peter didn't die because of the car crash, Botos says there were policemen and more officials at the spot and all of them were questioned as witnesses. (...)
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