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US military bases in the Black Sea region
Talks on US military bases to be set in Romania are over and the agreement is to be signed, said Romanian president Traian Basescu yesterday, after his meeting with the US president's security advisers, says Mediafax. Traian Basescu explained: "Talks are over, the agreement is now at the US State Department and the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for revision. I hope there will be need for talks on small details only." US military bases to be positioned on Romanian territory can reach areas like Babadag, Constanta and even Fetesti, added the Romanian president. The US official confirmed talks were over and said now it was only a matter of signing the agreement. "According to the document, Romanian authorities have got access to the US army facilities for a better collaboration between the two states. We are looking forward to signing this agreement as soon as possible, said Hadley.
The solution: internationalization of region
The Romanian president mentioned Romania pleaded for best relations with the Russian Federation in the Black Sea region. President Basescu explained: "We believe that the internationalization of the Black Sea is a solution to problems like trafficking in drugs, humans and weapons." In yesterday's meeting the two officials also talked about continuing the Romanian-American collaboration in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as about Western Balkans matters. Basescu outlined: "Romania will continue to get missions in Afghanistan and Iraq. As for the Western Balkans, there is need of a clear solution for the access of ex Yugoslavian states to the EU and NATO." (...) (D.E.)
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