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Tariceanu, participating in the ELDR works in Bratislava
Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu is running today for a new mandate of vice-president of the European Liberal Democrat and Reformist Party (ELDR), position he has been holding since 2003. The liberal leader is taking part these days in the ELDR annual Congress, in Bratislava. Elections are to be organized for the whole ELDR leadership, i.e. for the president position, currently held by Werner Hoyer (Free-Democrat Party in Germany), for which two candidates are in the run, and for the four vice-president positions, which six candidates went in for.
Representatives of the liberal parties in Europe take part in the sessions of the ELDR Congress, European commissioners, the commissioner for Enlargement, the Finnish Ollie Rehn, one of the European Commission's vice-presidents, the Estonian Siim Kallas, EPMs, together with 300 delegates representing liberal and democrat parties in Europe. The members of the Romanian delegation are, besides PM Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, Minister Cristian David, Counselor of State Vlad Moisescu, mayor of sector 1 in Bucharest, Andrei Chiliman, and other PNL (National Liberal Party in Romania) deputies. Calin Popescu-Tariceanu will give a speech in the opening of the first series of presentations dedicated to the European liberal leaders. During the same session Ollie Rehn, European commissioner for Enlargement, and Graham Watson, leader of the liberal-democrat group in the European Parliament will also take the floor. The PNL chairman will also participate in several bilateral meetings with the leaders of the European liberal-democrat parties and with representatives of the Liberal Democrat Alliance (ALDE) within the European Parliament.
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