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Law on Executive structure and functioning has been modified
A powerful interim government
The interim government may promote normative documents to function as laws on meeting EU requirements and on special events such as natural calamities. The Executive may also promote other types of normative documents to find solutions to special budget needs impossible to postpone. Normative documents to function as laws consist in ordinances and law projects. The Executive adopted this decision yesterday by emergency ordinance modifying paragraph 3 in article 26 included in Law 90/ 2001 on the structure and functioning of Executive and ministries. The above-mentioned article has it that in case of end of mandate in constitutional circumstances and until new Executive members have taken the vows, the Executive continues to see only to individual or normative documents needed for handling public affairs, but it may not promote new policies. In this period the Executive may not release ordinances or elaborate law projects. (C. S.)
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