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Dan Voinea: Iliescu is accused in the Revolution case
-- STS Head summoned to Cotroceni
General Military Attorney Dan Voinea has stated exclusively to ZIUA: "Ex president of Romania Ion Iliescu has officially been accused in the case on the events taking place in December 1989. I have read him the charges myself." As for the case on the miners' attacks in June 1990, General Voinea has told us that, in keeping with article 6, paragraph 3 in the Criminal Procedure Code, Mr. Iliescu's lawyer received a written document with all the crimes he is accused of. The above-mentioned article says that the accused must be read charges before undergoing questioning. Since Iliescu has not gone to the Military Prosecution Department yet, the questioning on the coal miners' attacks is to take place in the following days, with the ex president of Romania as accused. (A.A.)
Romanian President Traian Basescu has summoned General Tudor Tanase, Head of STS (Special Telecommunications Department) to come to Cotroceni today. Unofficial information says Basescu will advise General Tanase to resign as Head of STS or he will be dismissed. Right now it is not known who will replace General Tanase. It seems Traian Basescu has decided to start replacing staff from the Romanian secret services. (D.D.)
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