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Officials at rule accused of politicizing Justice
Nastes writes to Tariceanu again
President of the Chamber of Deputies Adrian Nastase sent one more letter to Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu yesterday. Nastase accuses the government of politicizing Justice and claims that the Parliament is working "at full capacity."
In his letter the leader of PSD (the Social-Democrat Party) says Tariceanu has offended the efforts the Romanians have been taking in the last four years by suggesting that negotiation fulfillment was "alms from the EU". The letter mentions: "You seem to forget that in 2004 the Liberal parliamentary group asked for postponement of negotiations with Romania, using the so-called crisis on institutionalized children as pretext." The executive president of PSD explains: " My message is a very simple one: You can't hide the topics of an unfair political agenda behind some so-called requirement from the EU concerning the continuation of reforms." Nastase opines that Justice reform is the debate's key point and that the law it leads to give magistrates new means to get replaced and named by political will.
The PSD leader thinks the Executive's initiative is not at all in keeping with European norms on the independence of the judges' power and immovability. The PSD general headquarters and the offices of the PSD Organization in Bucharest hosted news conference on the new set of laws the government is to about to take responsibility for. PSD members claimed that this was against Constitutional rules as it modified a large number of laws. They explained that it was about politicizing structures subordinate to Justice and invoked as example the idea that the Romanian President was to provide prosecutors with leading positions, but at the proposal of the Justice Minister. (R.A.)
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