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Democrats say fusion with the Liberals is out of question
-- No obligation at all
Emil Boc and Sorin Frunzaverde are authors of the idea to turn PD (the Democrat Party) into a Popular party. On Saturday while in Iasi they presented the "Prosperous Romania, Democratic Romania" program. This is the program used by the Mayor of Cluj Emil Boc to run as candidate to president of PD. Many PD adepts from the six Moldavian districts attended Saturday's meeting. They admitted that "Prosperous Romania, Democratic Romania" was one more advantage of PD, as the party was to consolidate positions with help from this document. Emil Boc mentioned that due to such a program the party was heading the European People's Party, the most powerful political group in Europe at present. Mediafax quotes Boc: " The new Popular orientation has got a real advantage: it refers to all fields and social categories. I think this will have us to keep the present electorate, but we are to gain more adepts due to the new orientation, due to points such as low fiscality and the development of medium and small size enterprises." Emil Boc referred to the terms with Alliance partners within the new context. Emil Boc claimed that a PD-PNL (the National Liberal Party) fusion was not a matter of the present for the time being. The PD leader explained: " As we define our party as a Popular party, we are attracting support from the European Popular Party. The same goes for the European level, as PNL gets support from the Euro-Liberals. As for eventual fusion, we are not getting their implicit support. On the contrary, we will lose it."
As the much �talked about fusion of the Democrats and Liberals is no longer a priority for the two parties' leaders, we are wondering what would become of D.A. Alliance (made up of PD and PNL). According to Boc, collaboration between PNL and PD will go on grounds of the protocol signed at election time and "our main priority is efficient governing by reinforcing people's trust, expressed in their 2004 vote." But PD leaders are open to fusion by absorption of non-parliamentary parties, but they exclude any collaboration with other political groups. PV vice president Sorin Frunzaverde said: "We have got no obligation at all to have fusion with anybody, either with the former Christian-Democrats or with the Conservatories." (O.B.)
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