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  Nr. 3330 de marti, 24 mai 2005 
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Analyses in SRI villa
Unofficial sources claim that the three Romanian journalists who returned to Romania yesterday will go through quarantine in a protocol villa belonging to SRI (the Romanian Secret Service). This decision is meant to provide the three journalists with all they need to be at ease. Marie-Jeanne Ion, Sorin Miscoci and Ovidiu Ohanesian will undergo preliminary medical analyses that will detect eventual medical problems coming up during the 55 days of captivity. The same source claim there will be focus on psychical recovery, as the three freed journalists will be permanently accompanied by a team of psychologists. "Of course there will follow talks meant to decipher details and circumstances related to their departure to Iraq and to their stay as hostages till the return to the country", say unofficial sources.
The three journalists will certainly get directions on what they are allowed to tell about this misfortunate time of their lives.
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