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PD is to choose either the Socialist or the Popular doctrine
-- "We don't want to join EPS, we want to join EPP"
The National Convention of PD (the Democrat Party) must decide on the party's doctrine so that to make clear affiliation to a group from the Parliament of Europe. PSD (the Social-Democrat Party) leaders are sure that by the end of June they will become full right members of ESP (the European Socialist Party). The ESP leaders' reunion due in May 18-19 in Paris is to be attended by Emil Boc, interim president of PD. They are to debate on turning PSD into full right member. At present PSD is only affiliated to the European group. In the ESP Council in June 24-25 they are to ratify the membership of PSD, when delegates to the National Convention will decide if PD stays a Socialist-Democrat party or turns into a center-right one and starts initiative to affiliate to EPP (the European People's Party). The ESP Strategy has it for sure: "As for the countries where several parties have asked for full right status, such parties must not candidate one against the other in national or European elections." Yesterday Philip Cordery, General Secretary of ESP, had meetings with PSD and today he is to meet PD leaders.
PD leaders agreed that need to make party doctrine clear, but they don't share the idea that of turning Pd into a people's party. But vice president Sorin Frunzaverde pleads for the idea of turning the party into a people's party.
Social Democrat parties in EPP
Adriean Videanu is also vice president of PD and he is going to run as candidate for party president. He has recently told ZIUA: "Let's remember that there are also social parties, such as the one in Portugal led by Jose Manuel Barosso, having a modern Social-Democrat doctrine, that joined EPP. From this point of view, there would be no incompatibility."
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