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Yalta once again
Yesterday the pro-West Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili asked Europe and USA to organize a new Yalta Conference in order to correct past mistakes. The new Conference is to have two targets: the consolidation of Eastern European democracies, the spreading of freedom in the Black Sea region and beyond. Yesterday Bush delivered speech in Tbilisi, expressing support for Saakashvili's proposal. The Georgian president plotted the "new Yalta" idea together with president Basescu and president Yushchenko during the GUUAM meeting in Chisinau. Traian Basescu stated to ZIUA: "Others decided communism for us. But we can reaffirm the freedom of our peoples and the need for security in the Black Sea region." The 1945 agreement between Great Britain, the Soviet Union and The United States brought unprecedented dread to hundred million people. The new Yalta should eliminate separatist regimes from the former Soviet region: Transdnistria, Abhazia and Ngorno- Karabah. This initiative has got support from USA. All Romanian analysts are against new Russia's hegemonic claims in Eastern Europe and ask that the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact be denounced.
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