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Current scenarios
Let's join PCR, fellows!
Motto: "Before becoming history and even before taking place, a lot of major events are prepared in laboratories"
A very serious question is crossing my mind: how come nobody has so far had the initiative to recall former owners of red membership cards under the flag of the Communist Party and presently name the latter conservatory or popular? How come this has not happened till now, in spite of the shrewd Romanians' tendency to play grand political farces? On the one hand, this is because the architect of such an edifice would get the opportunity to recruit a large number of adepts. Such adepts are now a dishonoring presence in the Romanian public space or they are members of brotherly parties such as PSD (the Social-Democrat Party), PPRM (the Popular "Great Romania" Party), PCR (the Romanian Conservatory Party, former Romanian Humanist Party). Some of them are even moles in the center and at the right of the political range: UDMR (the Democrat Union of Hungarians in Romania), PD (the Democrat Party) or even PNL (the National Liberal Party). But long lasting membership in a party starts playing an increasingly important role when it comes to running for positions in the Senate, Chamber of Deputies or organizations' staff. And I think there are enough shrewd people attracted by the idea of setting such business by means of renewing their communist membership cards and their past altogether. And swiftly turn into adepts of people's parties or conservatory ones. But some honest citizens who truly believe in communist ideals might join such renewed organizations. And this is a real peril. But such citizens might get eliminated later on, when the group has touched climax and joined the European people's family. This would be the only time when bleeding can occur so that some thousand honest communists would be lost. What a great loss! Who needs honest party activists today? Even if there has been no such initiative so far, there is plenty of time left. The Romanian Communist Party has got real potential. And the European people's family is waiting.
Let's try to analyze the stage of politics from this slightly Orwellian perspective. By doing this we will find it easy to discover that such a process has indeed been going on in Romania in the last 15 years, in a more or less discreet manner. And it is now starting again. The only difference is that everything was done in a more discreet and fragmented manner that imagined by the hypothetical visionary producing the project described in the first paragraph. Right after 1989 Ion Iliescu plotted dozens of small parties overnight in order to seize power against the three historical parties: the Christian Democrat one, the Liberal Party and the Social-Democrat one. These small parties did their job, their representatives voted for the much-experienced Communist politician and then they soon vanished. But their role did not involve only voting or showing their faces in CPUN (the Provisory Council for National Unity). These groups tried to guard and dub democratic parties by twisting their image and compromising their messages. It was no coincidence at all that political parasites made up in "Iliescu's labs" managed to spread on the entire political range of a democratic society. Leaders were made up just when the transition period was starting. Some of them presently took up various peaceful activities and found shelter against bullets floating in the air. Some others got safe seats on the mother ship, that is next to "grandma". But both groups did their duty in the end. Although the Romanian society has not ended transition yet and made it to a democratic world, it is entering new transition heading Europe. This is why the renewal of the political dissimulation program becomes essential. Depending on the latter's success, important political positions in future EU structure can be obtained. And most of the available ones are on the right side.
Given such perspective, the phenomenon some call paranormal becomes almost normal: real competition on getting access to the political popular stream, that is to the true right wing of European democracy. As I was saying the other day, the only true conservatory party is the legitimate successor of the Christian Democrats who broke their necks while ruling in 1996-2000. But it was only a short while ago that the Liberals, Basescu's Social-Democrats and Nastase's Social-Democrats too played with the idea of a newly redecorated party. And Geoana is now doing the same. But it was only PRM ("Great Romania" Party) once led by Vadim and now led by Ciontu that was brave enough to make a somersault and get the name of popular party. And Voiculescu's Humanists - the past, present and future ones - did the same.
So the idea of some very smart trick - to refresh PCR and turn it into a conservatory party later - still holds on. Is this what Dan Voiculescu thought of when he called his party PCR? Or maybe Iliescu himself is getting reloaded. Why not? After all, the red cover of the membership card can stay untouched. And erasures can do the rest inside it. Let's join PCR, fellows!
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