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Government can take responsibility for Justice reform
Emil Boc, interim president of PD (the Democrat Party) stated the government could take responsibility for the set of laws on the reform of the Justice system, given delays of debates on the issue by CSM (the Superior Council of Magistrates). Boc attended the meeting of CNC (the Coalition's National Council) at Victoria Palace yesterday. He stated: "If the boycott of CSM goes on, we are going to suggest to the Ministress of Justice to get the Government promote these document under emergency regime and no longer wait for the Council's consultative consent. Unfortunately the Council seems to be an obstacle, instead of an engine for the accession of Romania and of Romanian Justice to the EU." The Democrat leader explained that because of "ill-meaning stubbornness of CSM" about "setting obstacles" to mechanisms of Justice reform, the Council's consultative consent should "be left behind" and these law projects should be promoted in the version propounded by the Ministress of Justice, as the version was in keeping with EU standards and requirements. (A.H.)
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