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Last evening Basescu made confuse statement about kidnapped journalists
Last evening the officials' scarce communication skills twisted President Basescu's message about the state of Romanian journalists kidnapped in Iraq. While attending debate on the promotion of culture, the head of state referred to crisis and explained "things got extremely complicated". Realitatea TV television station took over his statement. And the Romanian President called Realitatea TV to explain what he meant and made it clear that his statement was not about the state of the three hostages. Basescu explained that in Baghdad the legitimate government had been elected and that was the reason for special security measures. Basescu mentioned: "This has made it difficult for us to keep in contact with the group keeping the journalists hostage." The President also said they were in contact with the kidnappers again and that the three journalists were in no imminent danger. He mentioned that any failed contact with the kidnappers was a fully alerting element. He also announced he urgently summoned the secret service heads to Cotroceni last evening in order to analyze the new situation in Baghdad, as consequence of tough action by the coalition and the Iraqi forces, given the legitimate government elected.
Before President Basescu's new statement on Realitatea TV, Presidency Spokeswoman Adriana Saftoiu had tried to make things clear and said that the statement President Basescu previously made during the same day on things getting complicated in Iraq did not refer to the state of the three Romanian journalists.
Adriana Saftoiu stated to Rompres: " The President has referred to the situation following the very severe measures taken in Iraq once with the new democratic government, to measures that have made it difficult to get into contact today with the group keeping the three Romanian journalists hostage. The President's statement has not referred to the state of the three journalists". She explained that the latter's state did not get more complicated. (A.H.)
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