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Andrei Plesu, presidential councilor:"Transdnistria Problem is not a local problem"
-- Nastase on hot roof
"Tyraspol separatist leader Igor Smirnov reacts in haste when he replies to a message that has not been meant for him. Except for this, he gives abusive interpretation to the message. Romania has stated attitude in favor of finding a sensible solution to the Transdnistria problem and in disfavor of aggressive solutions. It is not in keeping with the Romanian tradition to propound such a thing and Romania has never done this. On the other hand, the idea that Romania cannot express opinion as far as this is concerned is also abusive. The Transdnistria problem is not a local problem. It is a regional and European problem. No member of the regional and European community can be forbidden to express opinion on a conflict that actually refers to the stability of the whole region. As for Mr. Smirnov's statement, saying Romania should take over Moldavia's debts on electricity because Romania stated it would provide Moldavia with electricity, this is also twisting of facts. Romania volunteered to help the Republic of Moldavia on trade grounds, by providing it with the electricity it needs. As for the debts between the Republic of Moldavia and Transdnistria, this is not a problem concerning the Romanian side."
PSD (the Social - Democrat Party) president is caught between Iliescu's gang and threat by the Prosecutor's Office. Adrian Nastase is treading on hot roof, while all his old allies start biting and leave him for the ex president of Romania. Most of them are in the eye of investigation institutions. The ex PM is top of the list. Iliescu is not exactly above this. In fact, he knows some more details. Party sources claim Nastase's visit to the party before is April 3, when the PSD Extraordinary Congress is due, is sure. He will have to answer questions about "corruption crimes" unveiled from the famous stenograms and also about the 185 wild boars slaughtered. Anyway, picture with Nastase at the Prosecutor's Office in full campaign for internal party elections would make Iliescu afford final blow against the PSD president.
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