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  Nr. 3233 de sambata, 29 ianuarie 2005 
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Basescu is in no conflict with public authorities
Yesterday the Constitutional Court decided that President Traian Basescu is in no juridical conflict with public authorities. This way the Court replied to an information material sent three weeks before by Adrian Nastase, President of the Chamber of Deputies. The latter informed the Constitutional Court on grounds of paragraph e), article 46 in the Constitution and articles 34-36 in Law no. 47/ 1992 on the structure of the Constitutional Court, specified the communique by the Constitutional Court.
We remind you that in the article published by "Adevarul" daily, Basescu stated his attitude in favor of early elections "in order to get rid of this immoral solution called PUR (the Romanian Humanist Party)". He also asked that the presidents of the two Parliament Chambers should get replaced. (C. EPURAN)
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