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  Nr. 3151 de joi, 21 octombrie 2004 
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The President breaks the Constitution
-- The President criticises D.A. program
Two days ago, during TV program "State of the Nation", the Romanian President admitted serenely that PSD (The Socialist - Democrat Party) leaders had informed him about parliamentary elections lists. Moreover, Iliescu found it natural to say he had agreed to the presence of certain persons on lists. When asked if his opinion and been taken into consideration when the ruling party was elaborating the lists, the president answered: " I agreed. Not to draw lists. I only express opinion on people I am asked about and to whom I have agreed in terms of list presence." On the other hand, Iliescu forgot to mention that he had broken
Constitutional attributions when expressing opinion about lists. He did not find it abnormal that most of his councillor should be part of PSD lists for parliamentary elections.
During the same show, Iliescu broke constitutional attributions one more time when criticising the ruling program of D.A ("Truth and Justice") Alliance made up of PNL (The National Liberal Party) and PD (The Democrat Party). AS he was talking about the differences between the advantages of the progressive tax system and those of the one - tax system, Iliescu criticised the 16% fix rate included in "this Liberal - PD program", that would favour the rich. After expressing opinion on the D.A. Alliance program, Iliescu started to praise the Executive. He said the latter had elaborated a "program for the 2005 budget as well, it made calculations considering fiscality decrease." When he was just reaching the climax of his plea for the Executive, the president was interrupted. The show mediator warned the president he was not supposed to stare pre - election dispute. Iliescu's unconstitutional appreciation for some PSD action has also got a real reason behind. After ending presidency mandate, Iliescu is going to return to PSD, the party where he started his career as politician. He is going to be president of PSD.
Carmen EPURAN 
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