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  Nr. 3151 de joi, 21 octombrie 2004 
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Hot news from Botos
Just before election campaign, Romanian General Prosecutor Ilie Botos come up with hot news: " There is information that finance from terrorist nests abroad leaves from Romania. He did not give details on such terrible issue. His statement follows after a SRI (Romanian Secret Service) report stating mainly the same. It only mentioned that our country hosted centres of such organisations.
Such a serious statement by the general prosecutor can cause panic. Why did the prosecutor say it? Such an important inquiry shouldn't have been unveiled before being completed. Given the present international political context, not even a beginner would have made such blunder. It is obviously a diversion move. Ilie Botos picked up secret services information in order to accomplish two missions in the same time: he distracts electors' attention from institutionalised corruption he is responsible for and brings terrorism to the foreground. Secondly, he focussed on an older plan: the creation of anti-terrorism department, which would attract important funds from international community, as the latter is deeply involved in the war against terrorism.
Still, who allows the general prosecutor to play with Romanians' emotion for biased interests? What will the Americans say, for instance? That Ilie Botos turned Romania into a terrorist nest overnight and with no proof? That he risks getting international sanctions?
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